Apel Reunion

Apel Reunion 2007

The 2007 Apel reunion took place on Saturday July 21. This year's theme was Peter Apel (1852-1937).

Peter Apel, ca. 35 år gammel
Peter Apel, 1852-1937

One car after another rolled into the carpark by Kalvehave church and eventually a whole crowd of Apel descendants had gathered, young as well as old, they greeted one another, shook hands and hugged and around 10.30 a.m. the 2007 Apel reunion was ready to start.
Kalvehave church is situated with an incredibly beautiful view over the water and Queen Alexandrine's bridge, which leads to the island of Møn.

Udsigt fra Kalvehave kirke

This morning the sun peeped out through the clouds, but to start with we went to the porch of the church where we wrote nameplates, which we put on our chests. Then we went into the church itself where the theme of the day was Peter Apel who was married to Marie Lucie Rasmussen on May 2, 1881.

Indenfor i Kalvehave kirke

Here Marianne Halliley talked about the church itself, its history and its interior. Moreover it is one of the newest shoots on the Apel family tree who is crawling round on the floor. Little Maja Apel Hartvig is a real Apel as she is both a great-great-grandchild and a great-great-great-grandchild of Peter Apel. If you want to see how this is possible then have a look in the family database where for instance you will be able to see the relationship between two persons.

Fortælling foran Kalvehave kirke

Marianne continued her exciting talk outside the church and she caught everybody's attention as she told about Peter Apel's mother-in-law Ane Kirstine Jørgensdatter who had to spend several years in prison as she had taken part in the murder of her own husband. Have a look and see how they listened!

Dyb koncentration ved Kalvehave kirke

After the visit to Kalvehave church the cars went in a long procession past Petersgård estate and along the narrow lanes to Præstø. We went to Præstø because it was here in 1909 Peter Apel held his election speech. Anne-Marie Jacobsen took us on a guided tour through Præstø.

Indledende ord i Praestoe

On the main square in Præstø Anne-Marie told us how the election took place and we really heard Peter Apel's election speech to the electors, which he held on the election day itself in 1909. A historical moment to hear Peter Apel's own words nearly 100 years later and then recited by an Apel..

Peter Apels valgtale

With rumbling stomachs the Apel cortege made for Ugledige pond, which is an area of natural beauty. Here the blankets were rolled out on the grass and the packed lunches were opened.

Frokost i det grønne

A great part of the Apel gathering are the cosy social moments - just see how easily the big cold table can be realized!

Det store kolde bord

After lunch the cortege started again. This time the destination was Maren Apel's house in the forest of Vintersbølle. In keeping with tradition, coffee and cake must be taken by the lovely little house in its beautiful surroundings. Anni Rasmussen received us lovingly - a real Apel in an apron!

Ankomst til Maren Apels hus

During the afternoon we of course had to sing Carsten Warming's Apel song and this year with Bo Apel Hemmingsen on the transverse flute. We played 'ten correct answers' with questions relating to the day's events and information. The big family tree was rolled out inside the house, where everybody should find their relations to the theme of the day Peter Apel and his two wives. The sun was now shining from a beautiful blue sky and there was no problem sitting outside and talk.


To drink coffee and eat cake.

Kaffe og Kage

And to listen to new information about our home page or write complaints, praise, and ideas for the decorated basket on the table.


That the day ended long after 4.00 p.m. must be a sign of success just as much as the many happy smiles and enthusiastic words. The Apel reunion 2007 was able to show Apel descendants round in the south of Zealand in the footsteps of Peter Apel. To gather the youngest and the eldest and those in between for a lovely day!


Next year we will have a PARTY 2008.

Material from 2007

Pictures 2007 - The above pictures are taken by Anne-Lise Apel Rasmussen.

Apel Reunion 2007 - folder
- by Anne-Marie Jacobsen.
Contents: Programme, historical review of Peter Apel's life, the Apel song 2006, information and literature.